In 1961, the AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN created an award for those randonneurs who have completed 5000 km in BRM events. This award is called the Randonneur 5000
". Awarded randonneurs receive the R-5000 medal and diploma. They are numbered from the beginning.

QUALIFICATION: : To qualify for this award, the randonneur must complete :

- The full series of ACP brevets (200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 km)
Longer brevets cannot be substituted for shorter ones.



The achieved mileage is used (i.e. if the team went further than the minimum qualifying distance of 360 km).
At least 3 riders must finish the Flèche (you cannot individually claim for your ridden mileage if your team was not successfull).
International randonneurs can ride a Flèche Nationale homologated by the ACP and organized in accordance with the rules for the Flèche Vélocio.

- Additional ACP events to bring the total distance up to at least 5000 km.

Following events are accepted:

- Fleches de France (ACP permanents), if they are ridden on one of the established routes and in the Gold or Silver division. The Flèche de Dieppe is not acceptable since it is shorter than 200 km.

- Brevets Randonneurs Mondiaux.

- 1200 + events homologated by Les Randonneurs Mondiaux. These 1200 km events cannot take the place of the ACP 1000 km brevet.

- Fleches Velocio or Fleches Nationales

- Traces Vélocio or Traces Nationales (Darts)

The qualifying events must be completed within a four year period, beginning on the date of the first qualifying event.

HOW TO APPLY: Send your request form per mail or email before October 31 (even in the PBP years).

For France: applications must be accompanied by an envelope size 32/23 with the address of the applicant and stamped for a 500g letter unless you come to the Awards Ceremony of the ACP which takes place every year in January in Paris.

For other countries: applications will be compiled and verified by the local ACP representative, who will send them via Internet using a Word format. All medals and diplomas will be sent to the ACP representative who will distribute them to each winner. Shipping between France and the country will be added to the annual invoice.
The medal, the diploma and the ACP results brochure will be sent to you in January.

The ACP reserves the right to amend those rules.


Geneviève FABUREL, 76 rue de la République, 78920 ECQUEVILLY

For all request or information, please send a stamped letter with your address.

The rules of Randonneur 5000 award can be downloaded as follow below.

R5000 Rules

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