Randonneur 10000


The Audax Club Parisien executive committee decided on June 7, 2021 to take into account the various health protocols that have been applied for over a year. So, the deadline for obtaining this award will be extended by 2 years, but only for those who have approved the 2019 PBP.

The Audax Club Parisien celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the Randonneur 5000 by creating a new distinction, the Randonneur 10000.

This new distinction will offer a new challenge to Randonneur 5000 riders, encouraging them to discover events of 1200km and more outside PBP but also the Super Randonnee, one of last creations of the Audax Club Parisien.

To know more, please look at the rules . They are so simple, like the Randonneur 5000

1. Rules of Randonneur 10000

Fifty years after the RANDONNEUR 5000, the Aadax Club Parisien creates a new award for those randonneurs who have completed 10,000 km in ACP events. This award is called the Randonneur 10000. Awarded randonneurs receive the R-10000 medal and diploma. They are numbered from the beginning.


The qualifying events must be completed within a six year period, beginning on the date of the first qualifying event.

To qualify for this award, the randonneur must complete :

– 2 full series of ACP brevets (200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 km) – Longer brevets cannot be substituted for shorter ones

– 1 PARIS-BREST-PARIS Randonneur

– Another 1200 km + event homologated by Les Randonneurs Mondiaux

– 1 FLECHE VELOCIO or National Arrow

The achieved mileage is used (i.e. if the team went further than the minimum qualifying distance of 360 km). At least 3 riders must finish the Flèche (you cannot individually claim for your ridden mileage if your team was not successful). International randonneurs can ride a Flèche Nationale homologated by the ACP and organized in accordance with the rules for the Flèche Vélocio.

– 1 SUPER RANDONNEE i.e. a permanent of 600 km and at least 10,000 m (32.800 ft) of climbing, homologated by the Audax Club Parisien, ridden in the Randonneur division.

No Brevet can be substituted for another.

The events used to apply for the Randonneur 5000 can be used to apply for the Randonneur 10000.

To bring the total distance up to at least 10,000 km, following ACP events are accepted :

– Brevets des Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRMs).

– 1200+ events homologated by Les Randonneurs Mondiaux. These 1200 km events cannot take the place of the ACP 1000 km brevet.

– Flèche Vélocio or Flèche Nationale (outside France)

– Super Randonnée.

– Flèche de France (ACP permanents), if they are ridden on one of the established routes and in the Gold or Silver division. The Flèche de Dieppe is not acceptable since it is shorter than 200 km.


Send your request form per mail or email before October 31.

For France: applications must be accompanied by an envelope size 32/23 with the address of the applicant and stamped for a 500g letter unless you come to the Awards Ceremony of the ACP which takes place every year in January in Paris.

For other countries : applications will be compiled and verified by the local ACP representative, who will send them via Internet using a “Word” format. All medals and diplomas will be sent to the ACP representative who will distribute them to each winner.

Shipping between France and the country will be added to the annual invoice.

The medal, the diploma and the ACP results brochure will be sent to you in January.

The ACP reserves the right to amend those rules.


Luc COPPIN, 40 avenue de Bourgogne, 77270 VILLEPARISIS

Rules are available in the following document : pdf

2. Request form

You can download the request form below : Word

and send it by postal way or by email to luc.coppin@audax-club-parisien.com (using .doc format, not .pdf).

3. Results of Randonneur 10000

NOM PrénomSexePaysCLUBde _ àAnnée
1MATTER SophieF75Audax Club Parisien2020-11-10 00:00:002012
2FABUREL Jean-GualbertM75Audax Club Parisien2020-12-07 00:00:002012
3FABUREL-DUVERNOY GenevièveF75Audax Club Parisien2020-12-07 00:00:002012
4COLLONGUES AlainM75ASPTT Paris2020-12-07 00:00:002012
5HUME DidierM45Cercle Jules Ferry Cyclo2020-12-08 00:00:002012
6ROILLET NoëlM75ASPTT Paris2020-12-07 00:00:002012
7BOUILLOT GuyM75US Métro2020-12-07 00:00:002012
8GREGORCIC SimonMSIRandonneurs Slovénia2020-12-11 00:00:002012
9MOINDRAULT PatrickM93MI FFCT2020-12-07 00:00:002012
10SANDBORGH BengtMSEFredrikshofs IF CK2020-12-07 00:00:002012
11WENNBERG NiklasMSEFredrikshofs IF CK2020-12-07 00:00:002012
12CHABIRAND Jean-ClaudeM49RC Anjou2020-12-07 00:00:002012
13BARTH PierreM92CT Ville de Sceaux2020-12-07 00:00:002012
14AFFRES BertrandM92CT Ville de Sceaux2020-12-07 00:00:002012
15BERRUX AlainM4Les Fondus de l'Ubaye2013-10-01 00:00:002013
16CIBRARIO JackieM69Le Cyclotouriste de Lyon2013-07-01 00:00:002013
17CHARTIER GillesM42Squadra de Feurs2013-10-01 00:00:002013
18RIVET ThierryM75Audax Club Parisien2013-07-01 00:00:002013
19SEVERIN AlainM41Vélo Loisir Montais2013-11-01 00:00:002013
20BURŠI? AresMHRRandonneurs Croatie2013-09-01 00:00:002013
21GONZALEZ TEMPRANO José LuisMESUrgozo ITE2013-11-01 00:00:002013
22BERRUETA AMIANO Maria LourdesFESClub Ciclista Donostiarra2013-10-01 00:00:002013
23ALASTUEZ ALBILLOS Jose RamonMESClub Ciclista Donostiarra2013-10-01 00:00:002013
24LIZARRIBAR ArgoitzMESPelotok Kirl Elkartea2013-11-01 00:00:002013
25RIVERA HUELVES Luis AntonioMESFelix Pérez Club Ciclista2013-11-01 00:00:002013
26SANTIAGO SANTAMARIA FranciscoMESPenya Ciclista Barberà2013-11-01 00:00:002013
27VALLS ROIG JordiMESClub Ciclista Planenc2013-09-01 00:00:002013
28VAZQUEZ ROA Juan JoséMESPenya Ciclista Barberà2013-11-01 00:00:002013
29HIMSCHOOT RonMCABritish Columbia Randonneurs2013-10-01 00:00:002013
30CAMERTIJN MicMBEClub Team Verada2013-11-01 00:00:002013
31JANDT TobiasMDEARA2013-11-01 00:00:002013
32HERBRIG FrankMDEARA2013-07-01 00:00:002013
33HERBRIG FrankMDEARA2013-09-01 00:00:002013
34HIGASHI KiyotakeMJPRandonneurs Tokyo2013-10-01 00:00:002013
35HORI TomoakiMJPAudax Japon2013-09-01 00:00:002013
36IMAIZUMI HiroshiMJPAudax Japon2013-07-01 00:00:002013
37INAGAKI MitsuakiMJPAudax Japon2013-10-01 00:00:002013
38ITO MasatoMJPAudax Randonneurs Saitama2013-07-01 00:00:002013
39KITAYAMA KojiMJPRandonneurs Tokyo2013-08-01 00:00:002013
40KONNO HayatoMJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki2013-09-01 00:00:002013
41KUROSAWA HisashiMJPAudax Randonneurs Saitama2013-08-01 00:00:002013
42NAKO MasayukiMJPAudax Japon2013-10-01 00:00:002013
43SATO JunMJPAudax Randonneurs Saitama2013-09-01 00:00:002013
44SATO TakashiMJPAudax Randonneurs Chiba2013-09-01 00:00:002013
45TACHIKAWA KazuakiMJPAudax Randonneurs Saitama2013-07-01 00:00:002013
46TANAKA ShuichiMJPAudax Randonneurs Chubu2013-09-01 00:00:002013
47TANAKA TsuyoshiMJPAudax Randonneurs Hokkaido2013-09-01 00:00:002013
48TODOKORO NobuyukiMJPAudax Randonneurs Gunma2013-09-01 00:00:002013
49MACEDO Nilson Ricardo deMBRAudax Floripa2014-11-01 00:00:002013
50STREIFF ThierryM92Abeille de Rueil-Malmaison2014-11-01 00:00:002014
51ECHEVEST PhilippeM35Cyclo Club Chateaubourg2014-09-01 00:00:002014
52LOUZAS PhilippeM75Audax Club Parisien2014-10-01 00:00:002014
53CHABIRAND Jean-ClaudeM49RC Anjou2014-10-01 00:00:002014
54BAILLEUL MichelM75US Métro2014-10-01 00:00:002014
55LUCHINI YvanM75Audax Club Parisien2014-11-01 00:00:002014
56PAISSARD MichelM33Randonneurs Autonomes Aquitains2014-11-01 00:00:002014
57BELLUGUE Jean-FrançoisM33Randonneurs Autonomes Aquitains2014-11-01 00:00:002014
58GENTIL ChristianM35Association Sportive Chantepie2014-09-01 00:00:002014
59JULIEN DanielM28Vélo Sport Drouais Cyclo2014-10-01 00:00:002014
60ZANDBERGEN HenkMNLTV Zoetermeer'772013-11-01 00:00:002014
62WACKER AndreasMCHIndividuel2014-11-01 00:00:002014
63FANCOLI MassimilianoMCHIndividuel2014-11-01 00:00:002014
64HARALDSSON ÅkeMSEHisingens CK2013-08-01 00:00:002014
65SCHOENHART MarkusMATAudax Randonneur Autriche2013-09-01 00:00:002014
66LEHMANN GeroldMATAudax Randonneur Autriche2014-09-01 00:00:002014
67GARCIA RODRIGUEZ José LuisMESAsoc. Ciclot. Internac2014-11-01 00:00:002014
68BELDA VALERO AntonioMESPenya Ciclista Banyeres de Mariola2014-10-01 00:00:002014
69BERCIAL PELLEJÀ FrancescMESClub Ciclista Priorat2014-09-01 00:00:002014
70CRUZ MONTERRUBIO José CarlosMESClub Ciclista Biela2014-11-01 00:00:002014
71PORROCHE CANELA EloyMESClub Peña Ciclista Los Conejos2014-09-01 00:00:002014
72BLANCO LOPEZ EmilioMESClub Ciclista Riazor2014-10-01 00:00:002014
73NÓVOA CONDE Felipe AlbertoMESClub Ciclista Riazor2014-09-01 00:00:002014
74GARCIA MUNDET FrancescMESClub Ciclista Sant Celoni2014-10-01 00:00:002014
75SANZ ORTIZ JaimeMESBici Baix Club Ciclista2014-09-01 00:00:002014
76SORIA VERDE José MariaMESClub Ciclista Aragones2014-10-01 00:00:002014
77FUENTES PICO ManuelMESClub Ciclista Riazor2014-09-01 00:00:002014
78MURGUI ALCOCER Miguel SalvadorMESPenya Ciclista Massamagrell2014-09-01 00:00:002014
79SANTOS LOPEZ DomingoMESPenya Ciclista Massamagrell2014-09-01 00:00:002014
80GONZALEZ JIMENEZ Josep MariaMESEsport Ciclista Manresà2014-09-01 00:00:002014
81VIGNATI GianmarcoMITG.A.U.V.2014-10-01 00:00:002014
82CHRISTENSEN Claus HviidMDKAudax Randonneurs Danemark2014-10-01 00:00:002014
83GRAVESEN JensMDKAudax Randonneurs Danemark2014-10-01 00:00:002014
84FIEREMANS MarcelMBECT 'T Kroontje Denderbelle2014-11-01 00:00:002014
85PALMKOECK LucMBEIndividuel2014-11-01 00:00:002014
86WEIMANN KarlMDEAudax Randonneurs Allemagne2013-07-01 00:00:002014
87PILDER MichaelMDEAudax Randonneurs Allemagne2014-11-01 00:00:002014
88BINDER WalterMDEAudax Randonneurs Allemagne2014-11-01 00:00:002014
89PAYNE TerryMCARandonneurs Ontario2014-11-01 00:00:002014
90MIURA KazuhiroMJPAudax Japon2014-11-01 00:00:002014
91MASAOKA TokihikoMJPAudax Japon2013-08-01 00:00:002014
92OGAWA TatsuyaMJPAudax Japon2014-10-01 00:00:002014
93UWABO KazuyukiMJPAudax Randonneurs Okayama2013-10-01 00:00:002014
94YOSHIDA HitoshiMJPRandonneurs Sapporo2014-10-01 00:00:002014
95NAGASHIMA HideyukiMJPAudax Randonneurs Chiba2014-10-01 00:00:002014
96KAWANO TakehiroMJPAudax Randonneurs Saitama2014-10-01 00:00:002014
97BUDVYTIS GintautasMUSSan Francisco Randonneurs2014-09-01 00:00:002014
98BANKS DebraFUSSan Francisco Randonneurs2014-11-01 00:00:002014
99HAGGERTY TomMUSSan Francisco Randonneurs2014-09-01 00:00:002014
100THOMAS MarkMUSSeattle International Randonneurs2014-09-01 00:00:002014
101VOVK EdiMSIRandonneurs Slovenia2014-11-01 00:00:002014
102KAV?I? TanjaFSIRandonneurs Slovenia2014-11-01 00:00:002014
103ZAMAN AndrejMSIRandonneurs Slovenia2014-11-01 00:00:002014
104KRAŠNA SimonMSIRandonneurs Slovenia2014-11-01 00:00:002014
105THIERRY LydieF49RC Anjou2015-11-01 00:00:002015
106DAVIAU JérômeM49RC Anjou2015-10-01 00:00:002015
107MOINDRAULT PatrickM93MI 9313/152015
108BERRUX AlainM4Les Fondus de l'Ubaye13/152015
109GREZE GérardM92L'Abeille de Rueil2015-11-01 00:00:002015
110GOUT PhilippeM28Club Omnisport de Vernouillet2015-11-01 00:00:002015
111COPPIN LucM75Audax Club Parisien2015-10-01 00:00:002015
112HUME DidierM45Cercle Jules Ferry Cyclo13/152015
113ALLOMBERT DidierM86Ass. Cyclo du Loudunais2015-11-01 00:00:002015
114SANDBORGH BengtMSERandonneur Stockholm2015-10-01 00:00:002015
115HARALDSSON ÅkeMSEHisingens CK2015-10-01 00:00:002015
116DAYTON MichaelMUSNorth Carolina Bicycle Club2014-10-01 00:00:002015
117THOMPSON W DavidMUSCentral Florida Randonneurs2015-10-01 00:00:002015
118PRINCE GaryMUSSeattle International Randonneurs2015-10-01 00:00:002015
119MIGDEN DouglasMUSSeattle International Randonneurs2015-11-01 00:00:002015
120DRISCOLL DanMUSLone Star Randonneurs2015-10-01 00:00:002015
121BOLTZ H EdwardMUSAudax Atlanta2015-11-01 00:00:002015
122LARSEN EricMUSSan Francisco Randonneurs13/152015
123NEWBERRY JeffMUSHill Country Randonneurs2015-11-01 00:00:002015
124LAWRENCE JoelMUSNorth Carolina Bicycle Club2015-11-01 00:00:002015
125PEARCH JohnMUSSeattle International Randonneurs2015-11-01 00:00:002015
126HUBER KerinFUSPacific Coast Highway Randonneurs2015-10-01 00:00:002015
127UZ MetinMUSSan Francisco Randonneurs13/152015
128BLACKER DeweyMUSSeattle International Randonneurs2015-11-01 00:00:002015
129MUONEKE VincentMUSSeattle International Randonneurs2015-10-01 00:00:002015
130FISCHER WilliamMUSBig Horn Velo2015-10-01 00:00:002015
131JUG DejanMSIRandonneurs Slovenia2015-12-01 00:00:002015
132KOEN RobertMCABritish Columbia Randonneurs2015-11-01 00:00:002015
133REINSTEIN ArthurMCARandonnuers Ontario2015-10-01 00:00:002015
134ROEFS GuyMBEMI Belgique2015-11-01 00:00:002015
135BUCHEGGER AlfredMATAudax Randonneurs Autriche2013-11-01 00:00:002015
136GRYSHCHUK ArtemMUAUkraine Bike Family2015-12-01 00:00:002015
137KERR DavidMAUAudax Australia Victoria13/152015
138KOSEV PetarMBGSarnena Gora13/152015
139VLADISLAVOV LazarMBGSinite Kamani Sliven2015-10-01 00:00:002015
140ANDONOV PlamenMBGOdesos Varna2015-12-01 00:00:002015
141TODOROV StefanMBGCycling club Haskovo15/152015
142INAGAWA HiroshiMJPAudax Randonneurs Nishi Tokyo2014-09-01 00:00:002015
143SUZUKI TomohisaMJPAudax Japon2015-11-01 00:00:002015
144TSAI Chih YingFJPAudax Japon2015-10-01 00:00:002015
145YEH Yung ShenMJPAudax Japon2015-10-01 00:00:002015
147CORTEGANA SIERRA RafaelMESGrupo Deportivo Ciclista Pueblo Nuevo13/152015
148MORENTE PÁEZ ManuelMESGrupo Deportivo Ciclista Pueblo Nuevo2014-11-01 00:00:002015
149BURGOS Flores ManuelMESGrupo Deportivo Ciclista Pueblo Nuevo2015-10-01 00:00:002015
154BARRADAS BONITO JoaquinMESGrupo Deportivo Ciclista Pueblo Nuevo2015-10-01 00:00:002015
157ALVAREZ MARTINEZ EmilioMESGrupo Deportivo Ciclista Pueblo Nuevo2015-09-01 00:00:002015
158PERPIÑAN GUTIERREZ CesarMESPEDAL LLIRIA2015-12-01 00:00:002015
160MUR LALUEZA AnselmoMESCLUB CICLISTA OSCENSE2015-12-01 00:00:002015
161MUÑOZ CALZADO AngelMESPenya Ciclista Massamagerell2015-12-01 00:00:002015
165KONSTANTOPOULOS NikolaosMGRP.E.S.A. ASTERAS2015-10-01 00:00:002015
166FERRETTI DA CRUZ RodyerMBRRANDONNEURS LAPA2015-10-01 00:00:002015
167WEISS AndreasMDEARANORDBAYERN FRANKISCHE Alb31/03/2007 au 26/08/20102016
168WEISS AndreasMDEARANORDBAYERN FRANKISCHE Alb27/03/2010 au 26/07/20132016
169TSENG Yuan ShengMTWRandonneurs Taiwan21/08/2011 au 09/05/20152016
170MUNEKATA ToshihisaMJPAudax Japon17/01/2010 au 14/05/20152016
171LE COARER YvonM28Madeleine Sport Détente Chartres20/03/2011 au 15/05/20152016
172LIN Hsin HsiangMTWRandonneurs Taiwan21/08/2011 au 13/06/20152016
173CHIU Hung-TaiMTWTAICHUNG MAD & MERRY TEAM25/02/2012 au 16/08/20152016
174HERBRIG FrankMDEARANORDBAYERN FRANKISCHE Alb29/03/2014 au 16/08/20152016
175INAGAKI MitsuakiMJPAudax Japon23/06/2012 au 16/08/20152016
176LU Hsuan-ChiuMTWTAICHUNG MAD & MERRY TEAM13/11/2010 au 16/08/20152016
177SCHOENHART MarkusMATAudax Randonneurs Autriche10/03/2012 au 16/08/20152016
178WEISBECKER WernerMDEARA REGION KÖLN08/06/2013 au 17/08/20152016
179YOSHIDA HitoshiMJPRandonneurs Sapporo09/06/2012 au 19/09/20152016
180PRICE ThomasMAUA.A.VICTORIA02/01/2015 au 25/03/20162016
181ROCA RAMON AlexMESPOBLA,SCC05/05/2012 au 25/03/20162016
182ADAMS CharlesMUSWest Texas Randonneurs04/02/2012 au 26/03/20162016
183SUZUKI NaoshiMJPAudax Randonneurs Chiba31/03/2012 au 10/04/20162016
184IWASA KiyoshiMJPAudax Randonneurs HOKKAIDO29/05/2010 au 23/04/20162016
185MIFUNE MasahikoMJPAudax Japon09/01/2011 au 23/04/20162016
186OGAWA SeiichiroMJPRandonneurs Tamagawa23/02/2014 au 23/04/20162016
187SASAI HideharuMJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki21/08/2011 au 23/04/20162016
188SAWADA NobukoFJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki21/08/2011 au 23/04/20162016
189TAKEUCHI ToshioMJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki26/03/2011 au 23/04/20162016
190YOSHIDA HiroshiMJPAudax Japon11/01/2014 au 23/04/20162016
191GOTO MakiyoFJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki01/05/2010 au 29/04/20162016
192HIRAMATSU ShojiMJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki22/05/2010 au 29/04/20162016
193KOSEKI ToshiroMJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki15/07/2010 au 29/04/20162016
194UEDA YoshinoriMJPAudax Japon29/05/2010 au 29/04/20162016
195YAMANA HideakiMJPAudax Japon17/02/2013 au 29/04/20162016
196YUBA NaojiMJPAudax Japon22/05/2010 au 15/05/20162016
197BAEZA GARCIA JoséMES160 EL PEDAL PC16/03/2013 au 28/05/20162016
198CLEMENTE PORTA José AntonioMES160 EL PEDAL PC16/03/2013 au 28/05/20162016
199ENDE JohnMUSRandonneurs USA23/09/2010 au 28/05/20162016
200CAPACETE GOMEZ AndresMESCC ARAGONES ZARAGOZA31/07/2010 au 29/05/20162016
201JEAN EdouardM75ASPTT PARIS06/07/2010 au 03/06/20162016
202PAREDES CAMARGO AntonioMESGDC PUEBLO NUEVO14/07/2011 au 03/06/20162016
203SURCHEV NikolayMBGVELORAZHODKA SOFIA21/05/2015 au 04/06/20162016
204LEFRANC Jean-PierreM21Randonneurs Lourdais24/07/2010 au 05/06/20162016
205NUKUI RyoMJPAudax Japon18/09/2010 au 07/06/20162016
206FORSTER LéoMNLTC de TOL13/07/2010 au 10/06/20162016
207DO NASCIMENTO LOPES NunoMBRAudax Rio02/12/2012 au 16/06/20162016
208SHIROCHENKOV SergeyMRUVélo Club Continent (TCHELIABINSK)25/08/2011 au 18/06/20162016
209HARA YasunoriMJPAudax Japon21/08/2011 au 25/06/20162016
210KARAMPASIS EmmanouilMGRPANATHINAIKOS22/08/2010 au 03/07/20162016
211BABIC SinisaMHRRandonneurs Croatie16/06/2012 au 09/07/20162016
212TREVISAN Roberto PennaMBRRandonneurs Brésil11/03/2012 au 11/07/20162016
213HIRAMATSU ShojiMJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki04/06/2011 au 15/07/20162016
214KUBOTA TomoyaMJPAudax Randonneurs Chiba20/07/2013 au 15/07/20162016
215SIAW Yee TingFTWRandonneurs Taiwan13/11/2010 au 15/07/20162016
216WATANABE KatsunoriMJPAudax Randonneurs Gunma26/02/2011 au 15/07/20162016
217YOSHIOKA KatsujiMJPAudax Japon21/09/2013 au 15/07/20162016
218SATO TakashiMJPAudax Randonneurs Chiba08/01/2011 au 17/07/20162016
219LANG StefanMDEARANORDBAYERN FRANKISCHE Alb23/03/2013 au 21/07/20162016
220SHIRAKAWA MasaruMJPVélo Club Randonneurs AOBA23/03/2012 au 23/07/20162016
221TOMINAGA EijiMJPAudax Japon21/08/2011 au 23/07/20162016
222CHABIRAND Jean-ClaudeM49Randonneurs Cyclos de l'Anjou06/04/2012 au 27/07/20162016
223VOVK EdiMSIRandonneurs Slovenia06/07/2014 au 27/07/20162016
224MATSUKI ShinichiroMJPAudax Randonneurs FUKUOKA23/07/2011 au 28/07/20162016
225DELAHAIE LionelM49Randonneurs Cyclos de l'Anjou10/04/2011 au 29/07/20162016
226SCALVINI MicheleMITCCT PIEMONTE13/03/2011 au 29/07/20162016
227KAV?I? TanjaMSIRandonneurs Slovènes15/08/2014 au 03/08/20162016
228HYNES DurrinMDKA.R.D. Audax RAND. DANEMARK16/08/2013 au 06/08/20162016
229KRUIDENIER RenéMNLEURAudax RAND.NED.30/03/2014 au 07/08/20162016
230ANDRIEUX Jean MarieM33Randonneurs Autonomes Aquitains02/04/2011 au 11/08/20162016
231ROFFE ThéodoreMUSSeattle International Randonneurs03/05/2013 au 11/08/20162016
232HARA MotohiroMJPAudax Japon17/09/2010 au 12/08/20162016
233KAMANO AtsushiMJPAudax Japon08/10/2010 au 12/08/20162016
234TSUKAMOTO YasuoMJPAudax Japon30/01/2011 au 12/08/20162016
235DIAS DE AVELLAR JUNIOR RobertoMBRAudax Randonneurs SÃO PAULO22/03/2014 au 16/08/20162016
236KORB DionatanMBRSociedade Audax10/11/2013 au 16/08/20162016
237LE COARER YvonM28Madeleine Sport Détente Chartres17/03/2013 au 16/08/20162016
238GOODISON BobMCAKAMLOOPS11/04/2015 au 19/08/20162016
239MARCO SANCHO Joan JosepMESCC ALCOVER24/03/2012 au 25/08/20162016
240LEUNG WiwinFHKRandonneurs Hong Kong12/02/2011 au 01/09/20162016
241URBANKE BenMDEARA Niederrhein05/04/2014 au 01/09/20162016
242YANG JimiMTWTaiwan Pinnacle Cycling Team (TPCT)03/11/2013 au 03/09/20162016
243KOROLEV IgorMRUVélo Club Etoile Baltique St.PETERBOURSG01/02/2014 au 04/09/20162016
244VANMARSENILLE FrancisMBELIERSE BCR18/05/2013 au 04/09/20162016
245BRUUS StigMDKA.R.D. Audax Randonneurs Danemark14/09/2013 au 05/09/20162016
246ROYKO SerhiyMUALviv Bicycle Club04/09/2013 au 07/09/20162016
247MORENO CASAS AntonioMBERandonneurs.BE27/06/2015 au 08/09/20162016
248DELLA GIUSTINA Milton CarlosMBRAudax Floripa25/10/2012 au 09/09/20162016
249PHILLIPS CalistaFUSDC Randonneurs08/03/2014 au 09/09/20162016
250SANTOS DELGADO FranciscoMESCC AMIGOS DE LA BICI23/06/2011 au 09/09/20162016
251CORREIA Pedro LeandroMBRRandonneurs Brésil22/06/2014 au 10/09/20162016
252DRISCOLL DanMUSLone Star Randonneurs16/08/2015 au 10/09/20162016
253HEAL PeterMAUA.A.AUST.CAPIT.TERRITORY06/10/2014 au 11/09/20162016
254WOECKINGER StephanMATAudax Randonneurs Autriche05/04/2014 au 17/09/20162016
255BALOH MarkoMSIKD TEAM 75302/10/2010 au 22/09/20162016
256FERREIRA José da silvaMPTRandonneurs Portugal24/03/2012 au 22/09/20162016
257FOJS DarkoMHRIndépendant Croatie04/06/2011 au 22/09/20162016
258TODOROV StefanMBGVELOMANIA - SOFIA26/02/2011 au 22/09/20162016
259DELLA GIUSTINA RafaellaFBRAudax Floripa03/11/2013 au 15/10/20162016
260SMITH Kerri AnnFAUA.A.AUST.CAPIT.TERRITORY21/08/2011 au 19/10/20162016
261BLIZNAKOV TsvetanMBGVELORAZHODKA SOFIA14/03/2015 au 22/10/20162016
262SCHIANO Jean FrançoisM33Randonneurs Autonomes Aquitains09/04/2011 au 30/05/20152017
263IKEGAMI TatsuyaMJPAudax Japon23/03/2014 au 22/09/20162017
264HIRUMA TakahiroMJPRANDONNEURS TAMAGAWA26/01/2014 au 29/04/20162017
265HAGA TadashiMJPAUDAX JAPON07/08/2010 au 15/07/20162017
266GOTO MakiyoFJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki23/04/2011 au 25/07/20162017
267DELIGEORGIS Marinos-konstantinosMGRP.A.O.K. Cycling Team16/04/2011 au 06/08/20162017
268KAWAI TakanoriMJPAUDAX RANDONNEURS SAITAMA04/09/2010 au 14/08/20162017
269FUJIMOTO GenMJPAudax Randonneurs Fukuoka08/09/2013 au 20/08/20162017
270PORCHER AlaorMBRCLUB RANDONNEUR BRASIL11/10/2013 au 27/08/20162017
271KANAI YoshikiMJPRandonners Club Nagoya21/08/2011 au 21/09/20162017
272TOMATSURI AkiraMJPAUDAX JAPON08/06/2013 au 07/10/20162017
273ISHIGA MasahiroMJPAudax Randonneurs Utsunomiya06/04/2014 au 15/10/20162017
274FURUKUBO SusumuMJPRANDONNEURS TOKYO23/02/2013 au 09/01/20172017
275HUANG JUI-CHINMJPAUDAX JAPON07/04/2012 au 28/04/20172017
276PILZ JohannesMATAUDAX RANDONNEURS Autriche22/08/2011 au 29/04/20172017
277HSU Chiang-ShengMTWINDEPENDANT TAIWAN02/03/2013 au 19/05/20172017
278JULIEN DanielM28OMNISPORT VERNOUILLET11/05/2014 au 24/05/20172017
279LERUSE FranckMBECYCLOTOURISTES DE LONGWY13/04/2013 au 25/05/20172017
280PORTA TORRAS FrancescMESRANDONNEURS CATALUNYA22/08/2011 au 06/06/20172017
281PORTE MauriceM33RANDONNEURS AUTONOMES AQUITAINS18/06/2011 au 07/06/20172017
282SEGUIER BernardM33RANDONNEURS AUTONOMES AQUITAINS18/06/2011 au 07/06/20172017
283FERREIRO FERREIRO Jose AntonioMESCLUB CICLISTA RIAZOR23/03/2013 au 08/06/20172017
284GOMEZ ALVAREZ EugenioMESBTT PELAYO19/08/2013 au 08/06/20172017
285RETKA MOISES MarcusMBRRANDONNEURS LAPA17/05/2014 au 16/06/20172017
287MURAKAMI ShinichiMJPRANDONNEURS TOKYO04/08/2012 au 24/06/20172017
288NISHIKAWA MomokoFJPAUDAX RANDONNEURS SAITAMA21/08/2011 au 25/06/20172017
289SANDBORGH BengtMSERANDONNEUR STOCKHOLM31/03/2012 au 29/06/20172017
290BOROS KORNELMHRRANDONNEURS CROATIE09/03/2013 au 29/06/20172017
291FIEREMANS MarcelMBECT ‘T KROONTJE DENDERBELLE21/02/2015 au 29/06/20172017
292KALTSAS DimitriosMGRBLE CYCLING CLUB20/08/2015 au 06/07/20172017
293KAISER JochenMDEAUDAX RANDONNEURS Allemagne02/03/2013 au 07/07/20172017
294FEDYUSHIN SergeyMRUCONTINENT25/08/2011 au 11/07/20172017
295DIAZ PALOMARES Jose ManuelMESCLUB. PEDAL BELORI23/03/2013 au 13/07/20172017
296SANTOS LOPEZ DomingoMESPENYA CICLISTA MASSAMAGRELL21/03/2015 au 13/07/20172017
297WONG YUK SHINGMHKRANDONNEURS HONG KONG09/03/2013 au 14/07/20172017
298BOUILLOT GuyM78AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN16/03/2014 au 14/07/20172017
301MIGNOT VivianM75AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN23/08/2010 au 09/05/20152018
302LOHUES SimonM33RANDONNEURS AUTONOMES AQUITAINS03/05/2014 au 03/08/20172017
303GOURSOLLE KittyFUSSAN FRANCISCO RANDONNEURS21/01/2012 au 05/08/20172017
305IVASHCHENKO AndriiMUAAUDAX KHARKOV13/06/2015 au 19/08/20172017
306PANTALEEV PlamenMBGINDIVIDUEL20/09/2014 au 20/08/20172017
307PEINADO GARCIA Angel MiguelMESINDIVIDUEL23/02/2013 au 21/08/20172017
310SMITH KELLYMUSDC RANDONNEURS21/07/2013 au 24/08/20172017
311VILLAS ALCALA DiegoMESC.C.Colmenar Viejo09/03/2013 au 30/08/20172017
312SUGIYAMA TakuyaMJPAUDAX JAPON01/09/2012 au 01/09/20172017
313ZIVKOVIC JovanMBARandonneurs Srpska20/08/2015 au 01/09/20172017
314ERES RAMOS Juan JoseMESPENYA CICLISTA MASSAMAGRELL19/08/2013 au 03/09/20172017
315GEERTS JANMBECLUB LIERSE BCR31/03/2012 au 04/09/20172017
316WENNBERG NiklasMSERANDONNEUR STOCKHOLM28/04/2012 au 05/09/20172017
317SILVA CARLOS MedeirosMBRRANDONEIRO CRISTAL03/03/2012 au 06/09/20172017
318NAMIKI TetsuyaMJPAUDAX RANDONNEURS SAITAMA29/04/2014 au 06/09/20172017
319NAGASHIMA ToshioMJPAUDAX JAPON01/05/2012 au 08/09/20172017
320KUTSENKO IevgenMUALVIV BICYCLE CLUB20/08/2015 au 09/09/20172017
321HUANG PING-RUMTWTANDONNEURS TAIWAN25/02/2012 au 16/09/20172017
322FAJARDO SANTOS José LuisMESCLUB CICLISTA RIAZOR03/07/2014 au 16/09/20172017
323HERRMANN AndreasMDEAUDAX RANDONNEURS Allemagne08/06/2013 au 23/09/20172017
324TANAKA ShuichiMJPAUDAX RANDONNEURS CHUBU08/01/2012 au 06/10/20172017
325NISHIKAWA NaokiMJPINDIVIDUAL JAPON09/06/2013 au 06/10/20172017
326YAHAGI TomoharuMJPAUDAX JAPON28/07/2013 au 06/10/20172017
327OKUNISHI NaohikoMJPRANDONNEURS MIYAGI21/06/2014 au 06/10/20172017
328EFTHYMIOU IoannisMGRELITE CYCLING TEAM07/02/2014 au 13/10/20172017
329BUCAR SlavkoMSIRANDONNEURS SLOVENIJA02/04/2011 au 15/06/20162018
331SVIUND Bjørn OlavMNOAGDER LANGTRÅKKELAG03/05/2014 au 22/06/20172018
332TZIVIERIS IoannisMGRBLE CYCLING CLUB04/04/2015 au 06/07/20172018
333SEVERIN AlainM41VELO LOISIRS MONTAIS16/03/2014 au 13/07/20172018
334MORENO GARCIA Juan PedroMESC.C.LA PURISIMA20/03/2015 au 13/07/20172018
335FUENTES PICO ManuelMESCLUB CICLISTA RIAZOR23/03/2013 au 29/07/20172018
336VALLS ROIG RamonMESCLUB CICLISTA PLANENC05/04/2015 au 29/07/20172018
337WENNBERG NiklasMSERANDONNEUR STOCKHOLM21/08/2011 au 02/08/20172018
338UEDA YoshinoriMJPAUDAX RANDONNEURS SAITAMA01/10/2011 au 14/08/20172018
339ELEFTHERIOU CharalamposMGRPODILATIKOS OMILOS KARDITSAS07/02/2015 au 01/09/20172018
340TASIOPOULOS EvangelosMGRA.O.AIOLOS28/02/2015 au 01/09/20172018
341GUALBERTO Daniel Mello MoraesMBRRANDONNEURS MOGI22/02/2014 au 07/09/20172018
342GARCIA RODRIGUEZ José LuisMBEASOC CICLOTURISMO INTER03/04/2015 au 07/09/20172018
343MAVROPOULOS DimitriosMGRINDIVIDUEL17/08/2015 au 13/10/20172018
344PATERSON LeighMAUAUDAX AUSTRALIA VICTORIA31/01/2015 au 03/02/20182018
345BEDUIN Fernando LongoMBRAUDAX FLORIPA17/08/2015 au 30/03/20182018
346SUMI ToshikazuMJPRANDONNEURS TOKYO12/01/2014 au 01/04/20182018
347WANG Shen-ChihMTWRandonneurs de Macao10/01/2015 au 04/04/20182018
348DOS SANTOS Aurélio RibeiroMBRRANDONNEURS MOGI09/11/2013 au 27/04/20182018
349TREVISAN Nicolau HenrIqueMBRAUDAX RANDONNEURS SAO PAULO13/12/2014 au 27/04/20182018
350BURKE Brian PMUSAUDAX ATLANTA18/01/2014 au 04/05/20182018
351MIFUNE MasahikoMJPAUDAX JAPON29/08/2014 au 11/05/20182018
352VOUKELATOS IonnisMGRBLE CYCLING CLUB06/06/2014 au 25/05/20182018
353CHATZINAS AndreasMGRELITE CYCLING TEAM31/01/2015 au 25/05/20182018
354GOMEZ VALENZUELA PedroMESOXIGEN BTT GARRAF19/08/2013 au 26/05/20182018
355KARTASHOV VladimirMRUVELO CLUB CARAVAN11/04/2015 au 10/06/20182018
356MANGIN L JohnMUSRocky Mountain Cycling Club17/05/2014 au 23/06/20182018
357SACCHI RainerMDEAUDAX RANDONNEURS ALLEMAGNE13/04/2013 au 24/06/20182018
358STEGIC GoranMBARANDONNEURS SRPSKA22/03/2014 au 28/06/20182018
359UWAROW AlexejMDEAUDAX RANDONNEURS ALLEMAGNE21/03/2015 au 28/06/20182018
360BINDER WalterMDEAUDAX RANDONNEURS ALLEMAGNE17/08/2015 au 28/06/20182018
361GRAVESEN JensMDKAUDAX RANDONNEURS DANEMARK05/04/2014 au 29/06/20182018
362GAZIS Apostolos-GerasimosMGRINDIVIDUEL17/08/2015 au 29/06/20182018
363FOLEY Paul AMUSRocky Mountain Cycling Club17/05/2014 au 30/06/20182018
365BOSSO NicolasM75US METRO TRANSPORTS PARISIENS17/03/2013 au 04/07/20182018
366CROXFORD MartinMGBAUDAX CLUB BRISTOL17/08/2015 au 06/07/20182018
367BELLUGUE Jean-FrançoisM33RANDONNEURS AUTONOMES AQUITAINS12/04/2014 au 08/07/20182018
368DAVIAU JérômeM49CYCLO DE L'ANJOU20/04/2014 au 08/07/20182018
369LUCHINI YvanM75AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN17/08/2015 au 09/07/20182018
370FUJIMOTO MasahikoMJPVELO CLUB RANDONNEURS AOBA11/01/2014 au 13/07/20182018
371GONZÁLEZ SERRANO DavidMESINDEPENDANT14/06/2013 au 19/07/20182018
372ALCOY PUCHADES JoseMESCOLLA LA CASSOLA18/07/2013 au 19/07/20182018
374RODRIGUEZ GALAN DavidMESINDEPENDANT28/02/2015 au 19/07/20182018
376COPPIN LucM75AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN17/08/2015 au 25/07/20182018
377SMETHURST DavidMGBWESSEX CTC29/03/2015 au 26/07/20182018
378HAM JasonMKRRANDONNEURS KOREA17/08/2015 au 29/07/20182018
379LAUMAILLE AlainM50CYCLO TOURISTES AVRANCHES11/04/2015 au 01/08/20182018
380CLUKAS IgorMDEAUDAX RANDONNEURS ALLEMAGNE13/04/2013 au 03/08/20182018
381ROHDEWALD WolfgangMDEINDIVIDUEL15/03/2014 au 05/08/20182018
382SCHMIDT FelixMDEAUDAX RANDONNEURS ALLEMAGNE17/08/2015 au 05/08/20182018
383CHRISTENSEN Claus HviidMDKAUDAX RANDONNEURS DANEMARK28/03/2013 au 10/08/20182018
384FERJAN?I? MatjažMSIRANDONNEURS SLOVENIA07/03/2015 au 11/08/20182018
385SCHRENK VolkerMDEAUDAX RANDONNEURS ALLEMAGNE28/03/2015 au 18/08/20182018
386SOCACI MariusMRORANDONNEURS ROMANIA17/08/2015 au 18/08/20182018
387DIAZ HERRERO ArturoMESAssociacion Depertiva Las Moriscas14/04/2013 au 19/08/20182018
388RALPHS SteveMGBLEICESTERSHIRE & RUTLAND CTC29/03/2013 au 20/08/20182018
389PUIKKONEN SampsaMFIKALAJÄRVEN NÄÄDÄT19/04/2015 au 25/08/20182018
390NEDELEC GillesM78VÉLO CLUB DE MONTIGNY-LE-BRETONNEUX15/03/2015 au 28/08/20182018
391VOLIOTIS PavlosMGRINDIVIDUEL17/08/2015 au 31/08/20182018
393ODENTHAL HermannMDEAUDAX RANDONNEURS ALLEMAGNE02/03/2013 au 06/09/20182018
394LAMMENS KoenMBEWTC CALCINE17/05/2014 au 06/09/20182018
395LAMMENS GeertMBERANDONNEURS.BE04/09/2014 au 06/09/20182018
396ROSOUX Pierre YvesMBEAURORE CYCLO SAINT GILLES28/02/2015 au 06/09/20182018
397MOREIRA PACHECO AdrianoMBRAUDAX BAGE29/03/2015 au 07/09/20182018
398MISAWA YoshiakiphilippeMJPAUDAX RANDONNEURS UTSUNOMIYA21/09/2013 au 22/09/20182018
399MIYAMOTO YasuhiroMJPAUDAX RANDONNEURS KINKI14/06/2014 au 22/09/20182018
400DE NIJS DaniëlMBELIERSE BCR17/08/2015 au 22/09/20182018
401NÓVOA CONDE Felipe AlbertoMESCLUB CICLISTA RIAZOR28/03/2015 au 05/10/20182018
402GUARINI FabricioMBRAUDAX RANDONNEURS SAO PAULO15/02/2014 au 11/10/20182018
403PEREIRA Fábio RobertoMBRSOCIEDADE AUDAX DE CICLISMO16/03/2014 au 17/10/20182018
404ENE IulianMRORANDONNEURS ROMANIA19/04/2015 au 25/10/20182018
405KOZLOV AntonMUAAudax Club Zaporizien14/06/2014 au 31/08/20172019
406LOPES Rodrigo PereiraMBRRandonneurs Mogi das Cruzes02/02/2013 au 21/09/20172019
407BATALOV GrigoryMRUVELO CLUB ETOILE BALTIQUE12/06/2014 au 03/06/20182019
408MORENTE PAEZ ManuelMSPGDC Pueblo Nuevo05/04/2015 au 12/07/20182019
409PALLAS MATAMALES RafaelMSPCLUB CICLISTA LA VALL DE SEGO18/07/2013 au 19/07/20182019
410KUZEMTSEV DenisMRUVELO CLUB ORENVELO12/04/2014 au 26/07/20182019
411FABUREL Jean-GualbertMFR-75Audax Club Parisien23/03/2013 au 20/08/20182019
412KONEV AlekseiMRUVELO CLUB CARAVAN17/08/2015 au 23/08/20182019
413BIOSCA ANGEL AvelinoMSPINDEPENDIENTE ESPAGNE CA22/03/2014 au 09/09/20182019
414RUBBO RodrigoMBRSociedade Audax17/08/2015 au 02/11/20182019
415CHOI Jae-WookMKRRANDONNEURS KOREA25/04/2015 au 03/04/20192019
416CHABIRAND OlivierMFR-49Randonneurs Cyclos de l'Anjou23/08/2014 au 07/04/20192019
417KAWAMURA TakumiMJPAudax Japon19/01/2014 au 28/04/20192019
418MURAKAMI ToshihikoMJPIndividuel Japon20/09/2014 au 03/05/20192019
419DOS REIS Evandro OttoMBRAudax Floripa27/04/2014 au 17/05/20192019
420AFFRES BertrandMFR-92CT Ville de Sceaux22/03/2014 au 18/05/20192019
421DOSSO Cesar AugustoMBRLes Gauchos Randonneurs17/01/2015 au 24/05/20192019
422MAGRO GODOY JavierMSPCLUB CICLISTA VALTUEÑA22/03/2014 au 30/05/20192019
423LECOEUR MarcelMFR-27Cyclo Club du Roumois30/03/2014 au 01/06/20192019
424PAREDES MERA Santiago OrlandoMSPPENA CICLISTA MASSAMAGRELL31/05/2014 au 06/06/20192019
425MENAGER DanielMFR-35Membre Individuel 35 FFCT21/03/2015 au 08/06/20192019
426ANDRIEUX Jean-MarieMFR-33Randonneurs Autonomes Aquitains18/04/2015 au 08/06/20192019
427BAKER GaryMCABRITISH COLUMBIA RANDONNEURS20/06/2015 au 08/06/20192019
428KERAUTRET RobertMFR-75US Métro20/04/2014 au 09/06/20192019
429SLOCUM ChristopherMUSNew Jersey Randonneurs17/08/2015 au 14/06/20192019
430TILLES AndreasMDERandonneurs Nederland28/02/2015 au 20/06/20192019
431NEWBERRY JeffMUSHill Country Randonneurs17/08/2015 au 01/07/20192019
432GOULIELMOS SteliosMGRBLE CYCLING CLUB17/08/2015 au 04/07/20192019
433ILES OliverMUKBlackSheep CC03/01/2015 au 05/07/20192019
434VOLKOV AlexeyMRUVELO CLUB M8 (ARKHANGELSK)21/07/2014 au 12/07/20192019
435OBATA AkikoFJPAudax Japon01/03/2015 au 13/07/20192019
436TANAKA TsuyoshiMJPRandonneurs Sapporo06/06/2015 au 13/07/20192019
437MATZEMBACHER Vítor HugoMBRRandonneurs RS03/04/2015 au 14/07/20192019
438KUZLER BélaMHURANDONNEURS HUNGARY05/04/2014 au 18/07/20192019
439KERRANE HelenFIEST TIERNANS CC28/02/2015 au 18/07/20192019
440SOLER ROSALES EduardoMSPC. D. CICLOCUBIN28/02/2015 au 25/07/20192019
441ESTREBEL BrunoMBECC HAUTE SENNE30/07/2014 au 31/07/20192019
442KOEN RobertMCABRITISH COLUMBIA RANDONNEURS21/06/2014 au 06/08/20192019
443HASE RyoichiMJPAudax Japon07/09/2013 au 18/08/20192019
444SANDBORGH BengtMSERandonneur Stockholm07/09/2013 au 18/08/20192019
445WAKASA KazuhiroMJPRandonneurs Tamagawa13/09/2013 au 18/08/20192019
446MINAKUCHI YuichiroMJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki02/01/2014 au 18/08/20192019
447GOTO MakiyoFJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki09/02/2014 au 18/08/20192019
448ASAI YasuoMJPRandonneurs Club Nagoya16/02/2014 au 18/08/20192019
449KIRGINTSEV SergeyMRUVELO CLUB CARAVAN27/02/2014 au 18/08/20192019
450TANAMI YasunoriMJPAudax Japon02/03/2014 au 18/08/20192019
451CHIANG Ying LungMTWRandonneurs Taiwan08/03/2014 au 18/08/20192019
452LAGUNA BELVER JoelMSPCLUB CICLISTA ANCLAS17/05/2014 au 18/08/20192019
453VYNIAS AthanasiosMGRGREEK RANDONNEURS06/06/2014 au 18/08/20192019
454HUME DidierMFR-45Cercle J. Ferry Fleury-les-Aub.06/07/2014 au 18/08/20192019
455PAGNUSSAT Eduardo TregnagoMBRLes Gauchos Randonneurs09/11/2014 au 18/08/20192019
456WONG Ho Kuen DanielMHKRandonneurs Hong Kong15/11/2014 au 18/08/20192019
457GAIKI Vernei MarcioMBRLes Gauchos Randonneurs08/02/2015 au 18/08/20192019
458SUGANO JunjiMJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki14/02/2015 au 18/08/20192019
459BURGOS FLORES ManuelMSPGDC Pueblo Nuevo28/02/2015 au 18/08/20192019
460FERREIRA José da silvaMPTRandonneurs Portugal07/03/2015 au 18/08/20192019
461YONEZAWA MasahiroMJPAudax Japon08/03/2015 au 18/08/20192019
462DE LIMA RanielMBRAUDAX RANDONNEURS SÃO PAULO21/03/2015 au 18/08/20192019
463SCHOENHART MarkusMATCzech Randonneurs21/03/2015 au 18/08/20192019
464MUNIZ PLAZA José AlfonsoMSPCC Riazor28/03/2015 au 18/08/20192019
465IJICHI MasaruMJPRandonneurs Tamagawa04/04/2015 au 18/08/20192019
466WANG Chih-LungMTWRandonneurs Taiwan11/04/2015 au 18/08/20192019
467YAMADA KentaroMJPAudax Randonneurs Kinki25/04/2015 au 18/08/20192019
468FUENTES PICO ManuelMSPCC Riazor23/05/2015 au 18/08/20192019
469BATHORI AttilaMHURANDONNEURS HUNGARY11/07/2015 au 18/08/20192019
471SAIDA TakeshiMJPRandonneurs Tokyo19/09/2015 au 18/08/20192019
472EGUCHI KazuhiroMJPIndividuel Japon17/10/2015 au 18/08/20192019
473PAIZ AlexandreMBRSociedade Audax23/01/2016 au 18/08/20192019
474GEORGOPOULOS TheodorosMGRGREEK RANDONNEURS30/01/2016 au 18/08/20192019
475TAKITA KeiMJPAudax Randonneurs Chiba28/02/2016 au 18/08/20192019
476PEINADO GARCIA Angel MiguelMSPC.D. RANDONNEURS DEL AZAHAR12/03/2016 au 18/08/20192019
477KOBAYASHI TetsujiMJPAudax Japon19/03/2016 au 18/08/20192019
478MARTINS DE CAMARGO FILHO LúcioMBRAudax ABC Randonneurs19/03/2016 au 18/08/20192019
479KLINGENFUSS MarioMBRAudax Floripa25/03/2016 au 18/08/20192019
480YAMADA ShoMJPAudax Japon26/03/2016 au 18/08/20192019
481CHABIRAND Jean-ClaudeMFR-49Randonneurs Cyclos de l'Anjou27/03/2016 au 18/08/20192019
482LERUSE FranckMBELes Cyclotouristes de Longwy02/04/2016 au 18/08/20192019
483BLANCO LÓPEZ EmilioMSPCC Riazor09/04/2016 au 18/08/20192019
484FRIEDL GüntherMATAudax Randonneurs Autriche09/04/2016 au 18/08/20192019
485JULIEN DanielMFR-28Club Omnisports Vernouillet19/04/2016 au 18/08/20192019
486RADU VirgilMRORandonneurs Romania28/05/2016 au 18/08/20192019
487VIDEV StanislavMBGSINITE KAMANI SLIVEN04/06/2016 au 18/08/20192019
488ZAITSEV SergeyMRUVELO CLUB VESTLAND RANDONNEUR11/06/2016 au 18/08/20192019
489MUONEKE VincentMUSSeattle International Randonneurs29/06/2016 au 18/08/20192019
490SANTIAGO SANTAMARIA FranciscoMSPP.C. BARBERÀ30/06/2016 au 18/08/20192019
491MAYER Luciana De FatimaFBRAUDAX BAGÉ23/07/2016 au 18/08/20192019
492YOSHIOKA KatsujiMJPRandonneurs Tokyo10/08/2016 au 18/08/20192019
493KOROVICHENCO MiguelMBRAUDAX RANDONNEURS SÃO PAULO07/09/2016 au 18/08/20192019
494HEAL PeterMAUA.A.AUST.CAPIT.TERRITORY17/09/2016 au 18/08/20192019
495COLTRO Karin Pucci de FariasFBRRandonneurs Litoral22/09/2016 au 18/08/20192019
496OLIVEIRA Cristiano AlvesMBRRandonneurs Mogi das Cruzes22/09/2016 au 18/08/20192019
497NEGRI Jacimeiry Marqueiro NevesFBRRandoneiro Cristal30/10/2016 au 18/08/20192019
498DRISCOLL DanMUSLone Star Randonneurs01/01/2017 au 18/08/20192019
499FAJARDO SANTOS José LuisMSPCC Riazor09/04/2017 au 18/08/20192019
500BERNA CristinaFRORandonneurs Romania16/04/2017 au 18/08/20192019
502PINEDO PEÑA Juan CarlosMSPGORDEXOLA. T.E.16/04/2017 au 18/08/20192019
503POPA PetreMRORandonneurs Romania16/04/2017 au 18/08/20192019
504SPINU CristianMRORandonneurs Romania16/04/2017 au 18/08/20192019
505SZABO RazvanMRORandonneurs Romania16/04/2017 au 18/08/20192019
506CHEN Cheng-HungMTWRandonneurs Taiwan28/04/2017 au 18/08/20192019
507ISHIMA ToshiyukiMJPAudax Randonneurs Hokkaido30/04/2017 au 18/08/20192019
510VLAD Eugen NicusorMROCLUBUL SPORTIV PICIUTEAM21/05/2017 au 18/08/20192019
511KAPETANOPOULOS OrestisMGRGREEK RANDONNEURS03/06/2017 au 18/08/20192019
512SERBAN Cosmin CristinelMRORandonneurs Romania30/12/2017 au 18/08/20192019
513ICHIKAWA EriFJPIndividuel Japon07/01/2018 au 18/08/20192019
514BRUUS StigMDKAUDAX RAND. DANEMARK07/04/2018 au 18/08/20192019
515ZAFFARI JUNIOR Antonio RobertoMBRAudax Floripa29/04/2018 au 18/08/20192019
516MUÑOZ CABRERA PedroMSPC.D. RANDONNEURS DEL AZAHAR25/05/2018 au 18/08/20192019
517KALTSAS DimitriosMGRBLE CYCLING CLUB21/06/2018 au 18/08/20192019
518ZAPARA YevhenMUAAudax Kharkov28/06/2018 au 18/08/20192019
519KIMBALL HughMUSSeattle International Randonneurs21/06/2014 au 24/08/20192019
520SHAH VirajMINCyclone Cycling Club05/11/2017 au 26/08/20192019
521HORVAT DanijelMHRRandonneurs Croatia24/08/2017 au 07/09/20192019
522POPOV AndreyMRUVELO CLUB NEOSKIF (ROSTOV SUR LE DON)11/06/2016 au 09/09/20192019
523PADILLA FERNANDEZ JesusMSPSPRINT BIKE CC26/04/2014 au 13/09/20192019
524YOSHIDA HiroshiMJPAudax Randonneurs Nihonbashi15/07/2016 au 14/09/20192019
525SUZUKI FutoshiMJPAudax Japon22/04/2017 au 14/09/20192019
526SOCACI MariusMRORandonneurs Romania28/08/2018 au 14/09/20192019
527MARTIN CharlieMUSSan Francisco Randonneurs05/04/2019 au 14/09/20192019
528ITO HajimeMJPAudax Randonneurs Utsunomiya17/01/2015 au 15/09/20192019
529SOUZA Braulio SalvadorMBRRandonneurs RS25/03/2016 au 15/09/20192019
530UZ MetinMUSSan Francisco Randonneurs08/06/2017 au 21/09/20192019
531OBATA TatsuyaMJPIndividuel Japon09/05/2015 au 22/09/20192019
532SAKURAI KentaMJPAudax Randonneurs Nihonbashi19/01/2014 au 27/09/20192019
533HOSSACK EtienneMCABRITISH COLUMBIA RANDONNEURS22/08/2015 au 28/09/20192019
534PRATT ChristopherMUSHouston Randonneurs07/01/2017 au 28/09/20192019
535FERREIRO FERREIRO José AntonioMSPCC Riazor24/02/2018 au 30/09/20192019
536KIM Young-SamMKRRANDONNEURS KOREA06/06/2015 au 03/10/20192019
537PADILLA GARCIA SergioMSPBiking Point Club Ciclista05/08/2017 au 05/10/20192019
538BELDA VALERO AntonioMSPP.C.BANYERES03/02/2018 au 05/10/20192019
539MOON Hyung KiMKRRANDONNEURS KOREA05/06/2014 au 15/10/20192019
540MIN Byoung-gukMKRRANDONNEURS KOREA03/06/2017 au 19/10/20192019
541TULLOH RobertMUSHill Country Randonneurs17/08/2015 au 01/07/20192019