Some figures (2022):

110 : Number of current members
10 : Number of current organizations
28 : Number of women
54 : Average age
5 : number of young members
1904 : Creation date

A club with an history 

After more than 120 years of existence, there is a lot to tell. Therefore, we have to be short, very short. First, why this name ? The term “Audax” usually refers to organizations with controlled pace (22.5 km/h) while we support the free pace ride. After more than 120 years of history, Audax Club Parisien has gone through many events. The first of these was the emergence of the sport of cycling in the late nineteenth century. Among these athletes, some fans wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of a bicycle carrying out the raid 230km Rome-Naples between sunrise and sunset. These daring athletes were at the origin of movement “audax.” The Audax Club Parisien was mandated by Henri Desgrange to develop this formula. As a result of certain differences between the ACP and the newspaper “Auto”, owned by Henri Desgrange, the PCA decided in 1921 to promote free pace riding (randonnée), that we continue to today.
The Audax Club Parisien was also a founding member of the current French Cyclotouring Federation (FFCT) and one of its members became the first president of the federation.
So much for ancient history…

A changing club

The club has gone through different phases, from fullness to black hours. Undoubtedly, the most difficult period was near 1960 when the survival of the club is only possible after a merger with the Bicycle Club Courbevoie Asnières (VCCA). The club has organized around 15 events, from against the clock races to long riding courses via hill climb races, adapting to the wills of its members. Today, our club do not want to stay an old club. We want to renew it to pass on a new generation of passionate cyclists its tradition, know-how, but also its desire to always move forward.

A full timetable

The calendar of the FFCT section begins in january with the traditional trainings for the Fleche Velocio and for the others, a formal training. We meet through the Ile-de-France on longer and longer courses to arrive in mid-March to the BRM 200km of Longjumeau. Of course, shorter distances are available to those who do not wish to make so many kilometers. We continue up to Easter where we meet in Provence during a weekend around the “Fleches” and “Traces” Velocio.
Then, the program will offer 200km courses on Saturday, like Mennecy-Montargis-Mennecy, and shorter courses on Sunday morning.
The ACP is also organising a BRM 200km every year.
Every year we organize a meeting during the month of may. It may be, for example, a one-week stay in Italy (2005), Cathar Country (2006), Verdon (2010) or a ride as the Tour of Corsica (2002), Paris-Brest (2008) and Paris-Le Mont Saint-Michel (2001).
The summer saw a team of fifteen members gather in the “Semaine Federale FFCT” where each day courses are offered from 40 to 200km for 10 000 riders.
The end of season is often the opportunity to make a beautiful riding in the countryside like Saumur (2004), Sancerre (2005), Amiens (2010) or Dijon (2006) with the “Randonnée des Grands Crus”.
Occasionally, we find club members on hill courses (BCMF) or long term rides like the “Traits d’Union Européens”.

An organizer club

Course for one day or ride for several days, we offer many organizations for which we are disseminating the principles and regulations around the world.

We like to travel but we also apprecicate to offer great travels:
– Each year, 400 people ride a Flèche de France on a course selected by the ACP and linking Paris to a border city (Paris-Perpignan, Paris-Bellegarde, etc…). In total, we offer 20 journey to ride in one stage or to stroll at the minimum rate, 80 km per day.
– The Tour of Corsica has attracted more than 3000 people since its inception in 1956. Today, an average of 50 riders discover or rediscover the charms of the island of beauty through our circuit of 1007 km.
– The Fleche Velocio sees each year at the Easter weekend fifty teams of 3 to 5 machines to do the maximum kilometer (at least 360km) in 24 hours to gather at a grand moment of conviviality in a village in Provence. Traces Vélocio of 200 km to 360 km, allowing more than 250 people to share the same moments friendships while avoiding driving at night. The Flechette Velocio give a taste of the “Fleche Velocio” to youth from 13 to 20 years with a trail in 12 hours for 150 to 250 km.
– The Fleches Nationales and Traces Nationales are held throughout the world with the same regulation as Fleches and Traces Vélocio in France.
– We are pleased to have spread around the world our idea of free pace riding. In over 40 countries and over 5 continents, riders carry out Brevets des Randonneurs Mondiaux. We homologate evrey year more than 20000 brevets with only 3000 riden in France. To be approved, you need to make a controlled pathway of 200, 300, 400, 600 or 1000 at a 15km/h minimum speed.
Our flagship organization is the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur . Since 1931, we ride the route of the famous race won by Charles Terront in 1891. Every 4 years, 40000 BRM allow more than 6000 riders to qualify for this fabulous ride. They will have less than 90 hours to ride the 1200km of the course and live one of the greatest moments in their cycling life.

A friendly club

The “repas des rois”, early January, is one of the highlights of the club, perhaps the exit bringing together the largest number of participants ! This is often the ideal moment to talk about his desires of the year and prepare for some Fleche Velocio teams and for others outings in the mountains or large rides.
We are also organizing every year in january an awards ceremonies for all the participants in our organizations the previous year. You are of course welcome.