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February 2013, 15th
- Relais de France are now organized by ACP !

January 2013, 12th
- ACP awards ceremony (Paris)

November 2012
- Fleches de France results

October 2012
- Modification of the Fleches de France's rules

January 2012, 14th
- PBP awards ceremony (Paris)

August 2012, 20th
- 17th Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur

January 2011, 15th
- ACP awards ceremony (Paris)

July 2010, 13th
- BRM1000 ACP (Noisiel)

June 2010, 12th
- BRM300 ACP (Noisiel)

March 2010, 12th
- BRM200 ACP (Noisiel)

january 2010, 17th
- ACP awards ceremony (Paris)

May 2009, 16th
- BRM300 ACP (Noisiel)

March 2009, 28th
- BRM200 ACP (Noisiel)

january 2009, 10th
- ACP awards ceremony (Paris)

Decembre 2008, 13th
- ACP General meeting

october 12th 2008
- Gentlemen Parisiens in Poigny (78)

april 05th 2008
- New Web site online

March 29th 2008
- BRM 200km ACP in Noisiel (77)

january 2008, 12th
- ACP awards ceremony

january 2008, 1st
- Web site under construction




Audax Club Parisien is pleased to welcome you on its website and wish you an happy visit...

We are sad to announce you that Suzanne Lepertel has passed away. She was 92 years old. The funeral will take place in Plaisance du Touch (Haute Garonne, 31) on Thursday September 11th 2014 at 10:15am. A last tribute will take place in cimetiere du Centre, in Champigny sur Marne (Val de Marne, 94) on Friday September 12th 2014 at 02:30pm.


We are looking forward to present you our BRM for 2015.

200k Saturday March 21st 2015 (more...)

300k Saturday April 11th 2015 (more...)

400k Saturday May 9th 2015 (more...)

600k Saturday May 30th 2015 (more...)


Before these events, we present you the results of 2013resultats

See also the website dedicated for next Paris-Brest-Paris 2015pbp2015