The Trace Nationale is the “younger sister” of the Flèche Nationale.
The Trace is run parallel to the Flèche, on a shorter distance (at least 200 km), and with a possible overnight stop.
The Trace Nationale is patterned after the Trace Vélocio.
The purpose of the Trace is to choose a tourist route and to ride it in daytime hours.
A good team spirit is the key of success !
Teams can start and finish on the same day, or they can start on the day before the meeting, make an overnight stop, and arrive the next day.
Although it is shorter than the Flèche, and does not impose night riding, the Trace remains challenging, especially at Easter, when weather conditions are often rough, and we still lack training.
Upon arrival, the participants in both Flèche and Trace meet and celebrate together. Organizing a Trace at the same time as the Flèche brings more riders together, and makes the party even greater.

Contact Person :
Sophie Matter
3960 ancien chemin de Salernes

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