Contact :
Sophie Matter
3960 ancien chemin de Salernes

Needed Information :

Name of the Super Randonnée
Last Name
First Name
Date of Birth
Mailing Address (where the documents will be sent)
Club Affiliation (or « no license »)
Club Name (or « independant rider »)
Option: Randonneur or Touriste
if Randonneur, please indicate date and starting time
By registering for the Super Randonnée, the participant declares on his/her honor that he/she is in sufficient physical condition to complete the course chosen, and to have read the safety instructions.
The information can be sent by e-mail to the organizer

Payment :

5 euros (If you are FFCT member : 3 euros)

Payment via PayPal: send 5,50 euros at
(for FFCT members : 3,50 euros)

Bank transfer: please contact us for the bank details
Money orders or checks (only if drawn from a French bank) must be payable to Audax Club Parisien and sent to :
Sophie Matter
3960 ancien chemin de Salernes
83570 Cotignac

No general medal available. For the SR Dauphiné Gratiné, a special medal can be ordered in case of success. Please ask the organiser.

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