AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN created in 1961 a distinction in order to reward the rider who completed on his/her events a distance of 5000 kilometers. This distinction is named

RANDONNEUR 5000 . It is concretized by a medal offered gracefully and of a diploma numbered by order of attribution. The year is that of the date of the last test carried out obtain it:

CONDITION: Within four years, day for day, between the first and the last test, the candidate with “RANDONNEUR 5000” must have carried out: - the full series of ACP Brevets: 200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 km

- a PARIS-BREST-PARIS Randonneur: 1200km

- an approved FLECHE VELOCIO : The achieved mileage is used (360 km minimum of 24 hours). At least 3 riders must finish the Flèche (you cannot individually claim for your ridden mileage if your team was not successful)

Outside France, a Flèche Nationale homologated by the ACP and organized in accordance with the rules for the Flèche Vélocio, replaces the FLECHE VELOCIO.

The kilometric balance to add up at least the 5000 kilometers can be obtained only on the following events :

- In France : Flèche de France on traditional route, in condition of being realized of GOLD category or SILVER. An Flèche of less than 200 km is not valid.

- Brevets Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRM).

- Flèche Vélocio, and ACP homologated Flèche Nationale.

- Trace Vélocio, and ACP homologated Trace Nationale.

- Brevet Randonneurs Mondiaux of 1200 km and more (RM 1200+) (brevets organized worldwide, and approved by LES RANDONNEURS MONDIAUX).

The RM 1200+ cannot replace the BRM of 1000km.

HOW TO APPLY: To obtain this medal, the rider concerned must send before October 31 to a bulletin of request “RANDONNEUR 5000” correctly filled, mentioning the tests of his/her brevet and their number of homologation. The bulletins of request will be gathered and checked by the ACP representative of each country, which will send them by Internet to the Word format. All the medals and all the diplomas will be sent to the ACP representative who will undertake to distribute them to each winner. The forwarding costs between France and the country concerned will be added to the annual invoice.

The medal, the diploma and the ACP results brochure will be sent to you in January.

The ACP reserves the right to amend those rules.

CONTACT : Luc COPPIN, 40 avenue de Bourgogne, 77270 VILLEPARISIS


. For all information or bulletin request to join an envelope stamped and made out at your address. Thank you.

The RANDONNEUR 5000 rules can be downloaded below.

R5000 Rules

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