In 1996, Jacques Maillet said :

In order to incite several bike clubs to participate to Pâques en Provence event, as a souvenir to Velocio who came Au pays de Mireille and to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Concentration Pascal, FFCT created Traces Velocio.

Jacques Maillet will be the manager of Traces until 1998.

In 1998, Dominique Lamouller asked ACP to homologate them besides the other Eastern brevets which were already organized

Since 1996, 4500 riders rode a Trace and they are called Traceurs! Among them, 20% are female riders and 2% are under 18 years old. They rode between 201k and 360k, sometimes they rode cols during the Trace as well!

In 2014, Dominique Lamouller is proud to announce, due to ACP, Paques en Provence is a great event, recognized all over the world

In 2015, you will be the welcome to ride Traces in Lurs, in Alpes de Haute Provence department. We hope the mistral won’t be too strong and you have the sun as a fidel friend

I have only one regret: not to have enough time to congrulate you when you arrive. As Georges Golse said, during these short period, we see many people without to have enough time to speak ourselves!

- Teams must register at least 15 days before Easter.

- A team includes 2 to 6 bikes.

- Teams start on Saturday from 00h00. They choose the start location and the route that will lead them to the meeting. Finish control has to be the meeting place.

- The maximum distance to be ridden is 360 km, the minimum distance 200 km.

- The route must have a minimum of 3 controls spaced at least 50 km apart, not including the start and finish controls.

- An overnight stop is possible, without any time limit.

- Teams have to show up at the meeting place on Sunday between 08h00 and 10h30 to hand their cards over to the organizer.

- For the team to be homologated, a minimum of 2 bikes must finish.

Traces Vélocio Contact Person :

Danielle and Claude PIERRE
25 rue du Petit Bourbon
Tél : Tel : 02 28 13 06 44 – Cellular Phone : 06 82 46 38 36
Courriel :

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