The Flèche Vélocio was created in 1947. After the Brevets and the PBP Randonneur, it is the oldest event organized by the ACP.

The Flèche Vélocio is a French team ride of 24-hours' duration, usually held over the Easter weekend. Teams consist of 3 to 5 machines and all members ride together. The number of teams is unlimited. Each team chooses its own start point and its own route. All teams start on Good Friday or on early Saturday, and head to the traditional Easter cycling rally in Provence. At least 360 km must be covered in 24 hours, but the goal is to ride the longest distance possible. Eventually on Easter Sunday morning, teams from all over France meet at the rally, chat and celebrate together.

By training together, team members build a strong spirit of friendship. They meet and ride together as often as possible, they learn to go at the same pace, and they share the same goal : to do a team effort. Such is the ethic of the Flèche Vélocio. Whether achieving or not a high performance, the atmosphere of a 24 hour team ride is an absolutely exceptional experience, and a good opportunity to strengthen relationships between club members.

At the very beginning of the Flèche Vélocio, teams started from Paris. They knew that they would not be able to reach the about 500 miles distant meeting point in 24 hours, but the important thing for them was to do as many miles as possible. Rules changed with time, in order to allow the teams to reach the meeting place with different starting places, but the initial spirit should not be forgotten. Teams strive during 24 hours to achieve a shared goal : to do the best possible. Thus the location of the rally should be considered as an approximative destination rather than as an exact finishing point.

Each year the French Federation of Cyclotourism (FFCT) establishes the town where the rally takes place. Therefore the finishing destination changes each year, but it remains in the Provence region. To respond to a growing demand by French or by international randonneurs who want to meet in a location outside Provence, the ACP also promotes and homologates team events patterned after the Flèche Vélocio: the Flèches Pascales (in France) and the Flèches Nationales (abroad).

Since 1996, the Flèche Vélocio has a lighter version called Trace Vélocio, whereby teams start from 6 a.m. Saturday, ride between 201 and 360 km and finish at the Easter meeting, with an overnight stop of eight hours. The Trace Vélocio being complementary to the Flèche Vélocio, the ACP promotes and homologates the Traces Pascales (in France) and the Traces Nationales (abroad).

Lastly, the ACP organizes the Fléchette Vélocio, a 12 hour team event towards the Easter meeting for riders aged from 14 to 20, accompanied by an experienced randonneur. A good way to introduce young people to randonneuring !

To contact the responsable of the Flèche Vélocio :

Michèle HUGON
30 rue de la JANVRERIE
Tél. : 01 60 12 47 68

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