Country Flèche Meeting Place and Date Organizer Contact Person Email
Australia Flèche Opperman - Victoria Ballarat, on March 24, 2018 Audax Australia Victoria
Australia Flèche Opperman - Queensland (SEQ) St Lucia, on March 24, 2018 Audax Australia Queensland
Australia Flèche Opperman - Queensland (MNQ) Townsville, on March 24, 2018 Audax Australia Queensland
Australia Flèche Opperman - Queensland (FNQ) Port Douglas, on March 24, 2018 Audax Australia Queensland
Australia Flèche Opperman - Australian Capital Territory Canberra, on March 24, 2018 Audax Australia ACT
Australia Flèche Opperman - New South Wales Bowral, on March 24, 2018 Audax Australia NSW
Australia Flèche Opperman - Tasmania Hadspen, on March 24, 2018 Audax Australia Tasmania
Australia Flèche Opperman - Western Australia Fremantle, on March 24, 2018 Audax Australia WA
Australia Flèche Opperman - South Australia Adelaide, on March 24, 2018 Audax Australia SA
Belgium Flèche Belge Herentals, on March 30, 2018 Randonneurs.be Jan GEERTS / Guy ROEFS randonneurs.be@hotmail.com
Bulgaria Flèche Bulgaria Smilyan, on May 26, 2018 CC Sinite Kamani - Sliven Lazar VLADISLAVOV lazar.v@gmail.com
Canada Flèche Pacifique Harrison Hot Springs, on May 6, 2018 BC Randonneurs CC - Lower Mainland Cheryl LYNCH lynchc@telus.net
France Flèche Vélocio Barbentane, on April 1, 2018 Audax Club Parisien Michèle HUGON michele.hugon@audax-club-parisien.com
Greece Flèche Giorgos Vidos Chalkida, on April 1, 2018 Ble Cycling Club
Hungary Flèche Hungary Tata, Hungary ( Castle of Tata), on March 24, 2018 Randonneurs Hungary
India Flèche India - Chennai Chennai, on April 21, 2018 Audax India Randonneurs
India Flèche India - Mangalore Mangalore, on April 21, 2018 Audax India Randonneurs
India Flèche India – New Delhi New Delhi, on April 21, 2018 Audax India Randonneurs
Ireland The Flèche Irlande Cafe of The National Gallery, Collins Barracks, Dublin, on March 29, 2018 Audax Ireland
Japan Flèche Hokkaido Sapporo (Hokkaido prefecture), on May 27, 2018 Audax Randonneurs Hokkaido
Japan Flèche Tokyo Isawa-onsen (Yamanashi prefecture), on April 1, 2018 Randonneurs Tokyo
Japan Flèche Kumamoto Tamana (Kumamoto prefecture), on April 1, 2018 Randonneurs Kumamoto
Japan Flèche Nihonbashi Hibiya (Tokyo prefecture), on April 1, 2018 Audax Randonneurs Nihonbashi
Korea, South Korea Flèche Gwangju, South Korea, on April 15, 2018 Korea Randonneurs
Macau Flèche Macao Coloane, Macau, on April 28, 2018 Randonneurs de Macao
Romania Flèche Romania Valea Lunga-Ogrea, on April 15, 2018 Adevaratii VeloPrieteni Iulian ENE iulian@adevaratiiveloprieteni.ro
Russia Rencontre à la Porte D'or Vladimir, on May 19, 2018 Caravan-Moscou
Russia L'anniversaire décennal Koursk, on May 19, 2018 KBP - Koursk
Russia Rencontre au Café Vstretcha Novosibirsk (Café Vstrecha), on May 26, 2018 Novocibirsk-Marathon
Serbia Flèche Serbia Beška, on March 25, 2018 Randonneurs Serbia
South Africa Flèche Thomlinson - Gauteng Thaba Trails, Gauteng, on April 01, 2018 Audax South Africa
Taiwan Fleche Taiwan - Dapeng Bay Dapeng Bay, on April 15, 2018 Taiwan Super Triathlon Association
Ukraine Flèche Duc de Richelieu Odessa, on May 12, 2018 Odessa Bicycle Club
United Kingdom Easter Arrow to York York, on March 31, 2018 Audax UK
United States (Florida) Flèches-USA Central Florida Edgewater (FL), on March 25, 2018 Central Florida Randonneurs Paul ROZELLE rob.hawks@gmail.com
United States (Florida) Flèches-USA Southern Florida Plantation (FL), on March 25, 2018 South Florida Randonneurs John PRESTON john@johnandjuliet.com
United States (California) Flèches-USA San Francisco San Francisco (CA), on April 01, 2018 San Francisco Randonneurs Rob HAWKS rob.hawks@gmail.com
United States (Texas) Flèches-USA Houston Brookshire (TX), on April 01, 2018 Houston Randonneurs Wallace BIGLER wjbigler@aol.com
United States (California) Flèches-USA San Diego San Diego (CA), on April 08, 2018 San Diego Randonneurs David DANOVSKY ddanovsky@gmail.com
United States (Virginia) DC Randonneurs Flèche Rosslyn (VA), on April 08, 2018 DC Randonneurs Bill BECK william.a.beck@gmail.com
United States (North Carolina) Flèches-USA Asheville Asheville (NC), on April 15, 2018 Asheville International Randonneurs Luke HELLER ashevillerandonneurs@gmail.com
United States (Pennsylvania) Flèches-USA Pennsylvania Quakertown (PA), on April 22, 2018 Pennsylvania Randonneurs Andrew MEAD admead@gmail.com
United States (Washington) Flèche Northwest Olympia (WA), on April 22, 2018 Seattle International Randonneurs Theo ROFFE randotheo@gmail.com
United States (Missouri) Flèches-USA Kansas City Faucett (MO), on April 29, 2018 Audax Kansas City Spencer KLAASSEN sklaassen@ponyexpress.net
United States (Colorado) Colorado Front Range Flèche Louisville (CO), on May 06, 2018 Rocky Mountain Cycling Club John Lee ELLIS jellisx7@gmail.com
United States (Ohio) Flèches-USA Ohio Columbus (OH), on May 06, 2018 Ohio Randonneurs David BUZZEE d_buzzee@yahoo.com
United States (Maine) Flèches-USA Portland Portland (ME), on May 20, 2018 New England Randonneurs Jake KASSEN me@jkassen.org
United States (New York) Flèches-USA New York Ontario (NY), on May 20, 2018 Rochester Bicycle Club Peter DUSEL pdusel@sprintmail.com

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