1 - In a cycling team from 2 to 6 bikes, this organization is dedicated to all cyclists who are registered to a cycling federation or not (if it is the case, you must be insured individually)

2 - Teams choose the start location and the route that will lead them to the meeting. Finish control has to be the designated meeting place for the Easter Rally.

3 - The maximum distance to be ridden is 360 km, the minimum distance 201 km.

4 - Teams start on Saturday from 6 a.m. whatever the start location.

5 - No riding from Sat. 10 p.m. to Sun. 06 a.m. (an overnight stop of 8 hours has to be observed).

6 - Safety: All riders must respect Traffic Law, other road users, instructions of organizer or volunteers and environment.
During hours of darkness or other low-light conditions, all riders must wear a reflective vest.

7 - Any rider under the age of 18 must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian and must be accompanied by at least 2 grown-up riders.

8 - Teams have to show up at the meeting place on Sunday between 08 and 11 a.m. to hand their brevet cards in to the officials of the Audax Club Parisien. For the team to be homologated, a minimum of 2 machines must finish.

9 - The route (and the brevet card) must have a minimum of 3 controls spaced at least 50 km apart, not including the start and finish controls.

10 - The registration form must be accompanied by a photocopy of the FFCT rider affiliation of each participant (or by a club's shipping license photocopy delivered by the FFCT), to benefit from the special price for FFCT members.

11 - The registration fee is noted on the registration form. This entry fee includes the brevet card and the medal of the Traces Vélocio (created in 2005)

12 - Teams must register at least 15 days before Easter.


Danielle and Claude PIERRE
25 rue du Petit Bourbon
Tél.: 02 28 13 06 44 – Cellular : 06 82 46 38 36

The Audax Club Parisien reserves the right to modify those rules at any time.

These rules are available in download on this document:

The rules for cups and medals are available in download on this document:

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